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Court of the Dead: Mourners Call is a 2-5 player, highly competitive board game that calls upon players to balance cooperative needs against their own ulterior motives. There are many paths to uniting the Underworld, but only one Mourner will realize his or her vision. The player who wields his or her power and faction influence the best will gain the most points to win.

You and your fellow mourners must work together to bring balance to the Underworld, but… only one of you can truly Rise, Conquer, Rule!




Set-up: At the start of the game each player will select a Hidden Ulterior Motive, and a faction. 

They then select a starting Mourner Card and figure from that faction.

 Mourners Call is played over several rounds, divided into 8 phases:

Ethereal Distribution - players collect ethereal energy from the harvest

Wallows Cards - each player draws a quest from the Wallows deck to be completed in the current round. 

Court Card Drafting - Select powerful action cards representing key characters from the Court of the Dead. 

Action Phase: During the action phase players will play Court Cards, recruit Guild Figures to gain majority control of guilds, add to and activate their tableau of Mourner Cards, and move figures onto the board to control locations. 

Use one of the two Court Card Abilities
Use one of the two Court Card Abilities
Recruit a Guild Figure
Recruit a Guild Figure
Recruiting a Mourner Card and figure
Recruiting a Mourner Card and figure
Activate a Mourner Card
Activate a Mourner Card
Relocate Guild Figures
Relocate Guild Figures

Dreadsgrip Threat: Too much power concentrated in one area draws the Dreadsgrip. Consult the threat meter and roll the dice to see which figures are effected. 

Pay Celestial Tithe: Heaven and Hell must get their tithe of Etherea or there are consequences for all Mourners. 

Resolve Locations Majority: Having the most figures in a location has its rewards.  

Resolve Guild Majority:
 Having the most figures from a particular guild will earn you favor.

Clean Up: If all the Unity Tokens have not been collected there is more work to be done to unite the Underworld, reset for a new round. 

End Game: Each player scores points for faction influence, ulterior motives and unity tokens collected. 


2 Player Gameplay with TWIST Gaming and Pat commentary 


Learn how The Underworld and the All Taker, better known as Death, came into power with the digital comic "The Rise of Death"... 

Our Story: Project Raygun + Sideshow’s Court of the Dead + Druid City

The Court of the Dead: Mourners Call Kickstarter is brought to you by boutique game maker Project Raygun. In 2016, Project Raygun licensed the rights to develop a Court of the Dead board game from Sideshow, world-renowned maker of pop culture collectibles. The Court of the Dead is Sideshow’s debut original property. Throughout 2017, Project Raygun worked closely with the Court of the Dead creator and team to design Mourners Call. Project Raygun partnered with Druid City in early 2018 to launch the game on Kickstarter. 

Project Raygun  

 Fusing exceptional art and entertainment, Project Raygun is a revolutionary boutique board game, puzzle, and collectibles brand. The company’s launch of The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 with Mondo Tees in 2017 delivered an innovative tabletop gaming experience with cutting edge nostalgia, the finest pop art, and a contemporary retro style—all signature qualities of Project Raygun creations. Project Raygun products celebrate pop culture of past and present, while paying homage to the artists that bring them to life. Partnering with fellow pioneers in the creative and collectibles space, Project Raygun aims to deliver unparalleled experiences to their audience.

Sideshow’s Court of the Dead 

In 1994, Sideshow embarked on a mission of connecting people with their favorite characters and icons from the worlds of film, television, comic books and popular culture. Sideshow is known worldwide for its museum-quality pop culture collectibles. In 2013, the studio launched its debut original property, the Court of the Dead. Created by Tom Gilliland, Sideshow’s Chief Creative Officer, the Court of the Dead is a dark fantasy/horror parable about power, corruption and unlikely heroes striving for nobility.

Creator - Tom Gilliland
Creator - Tom Gilliland

Kickstarter Project Management by James Hudson

James has created and managed multiple successful Kickstarter campaigns and backed over 500 projects. He believes in supporting the community he loves. He left an 11 year career in marketing to pursue board game publishing with Druid City Games. You can often find him vlogging on his Youtube channel (Druid City Games) or posting his play throughs in his Facebook Group. (Board Game Spotlight)

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Mourners Call - Board Game

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